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What is the single most important goal for small businesses?

The most common question we get from clients is: "What is the one thing our company should focus or improve on to stay competitive?" It is actually not difficult to answer the question ... but it is challenging to get the results that will make a difference for your business.

There are two parts to the answer.  First, you want to "reach" more potential customers ... And second, you want to stay in touch with those customers.  These days the only sensible way to reach more customers is to utilize online marketing strategies targeting your local market area.  That's called "Local Marketing".

Once you have your local marketing strategies set up you need to find efficient ways to keep in touch.  The best way to succeed as an offline business in the "Internet Age" is outsource your Online-Offline marketing to the pros.  It's not that you can't learn the tricks and techniques yourself, because you can.  However, unless you are an amazingly fast learner with lots of time on your hands ... it makes no sense to lose focus about your true role in your business.

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