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JV For Charity

Your Business can make a difference … And you can benefit!

Did you know that you can JV (joint-venture) with charities and help create “buzz” for your business while you help local Not-For-Profit organizations?

Community Charity Alliance LLC (that’s us), the company behind LocalBizPDQ.com was started to give back in a big way to important local and national charitable organizations.

Community Charity Alliance has set up the infra-structure to make it easy for you … the local business owner to make a difference in your community.  We donate a portion of our revenues to charity.  AND we have made it easy for you to help yourself while helping worthy charities … in your community!

We believe in using the “Enlightened Self Interest” business model.  It’s tough these days for most local community organizations and charities to survive.  When we, or you, hook up with great organizations, you bring positive PR to them and to your business.

This means you create more word-of-mouth referrals and customers to your company.

The Community Charity Alliance (CCA) was set up to make it easier to raise funds for worthy causes while helping the people (or companies) who want to give back … even if they have limited time.

CCA has established one campaign to recognize American Heroes … through the American Hero Network. You can be a hero in your community.  Even though the original purpose of AHN was to honor our military for their sacrifice … it’s grown to be so much more.

All our Community Charity Alliance campaigns can make a difference.  Help us spread the word … and we will do our best to help you grow your business!