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Why Do I Need an Optimized Mobile Site?

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Would you like to know more about Mobile Marketing?

The mobile phone world has gone crazy!  This means the marketing rules have changed once again for your business.  Now it’s all about Smart Phones.  This is “Old News” to anyone who owns a Smart Phone … but a far bigger challenge for small business owners.

You already know (unless you refuse to face facts) that the printed Yellow Pages is obsolete.  You may not know how vital it is to create a mobile site properly formatted for Smart Phones …

Little Known Mobile Fact:  Almost HALF your customers will search for you on their Smart Phones!

The challenge is many entrepreneurs like you own a Smart Phone … like an iPhone, an Android or a Blackberry … but have not had the time (or the knowledge) to make it easy to check out your company site using a Smart Phone.  You ARE losing business.

Don’t fall into a common trap … It may seem easy to rationalize that you don’t “understand” mobile marketing, so it “must” be okay to ignore this dramatically rapid growing market.   Your current customers may continue to shop with you … but not all will.

The far bigger problem is you will begin losing market share (perhaps slowly at first) as new potential customers find your competitors fully mobile optimized sites … And don’t even give you a chance to compete.

Fact …

A majority of your customers will be using their Smart Phones to find your business or reconnect with you now and in coming years.  There may be a few exceptions to that rule now … if you cater to a mostly older crowd … but more and more people in EVERY age group will get in the habit of finding businesses by phone as Smart Phone usage gets easier and easier.

Check These Statistics …

  • 50% of Americans now have a smart phone.
  • 52% use their smart phone for location searches.
  • 89% of all smart phone users regularly use their phones each day.
  • 84% use their smart phones for internet browsing
  • 67% sleep with their smart phones
  • 30% (and growing) of ALL web searches for local businesses are being done from a smart phone.
  • Google gives more weight and higher rankings to websites that are mobile friendly.

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Unfortunately it’s NOT what you think or like about a professional Mobile site … It has everything to do with your customers …

“What do your potential customers think about your mobile site”!

According to Nielsen, smart phone users are very likely to abandon a website that is not mobile friendly!

Check out the difference below:  The Mobile Optimized image on the right WILL bring you more business!


Mobile Optimized Sites Attract more traffic