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Raising Capital the Right Way …

Raising capital is an art.  But there are ways to increase your odds of successfully getting the funds you need to grow your company.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to raise money for your business … unless you “were born to it”.  That means if money is simply one phone call away … by calling Aunt Tilly for example … then skip this article.

The rest of us spend way too much time trying to research possible money sources and prepare the business for the arduous “Due Diligence” process.

The problem for most business owners is they are not trained CFO’s (chief Financial Officers).  Most entrepreneurs don’t have a little black book or PDA crammed full of financial sources ready to do business with a minimum of effort.

The best advice is find a reliable and ethical specialist who can help you through the near-torture you may otherwise suffer if you try to go it alone.  In the “old days” … pre-crisis … you could call your local bank and have a reasonable shot of getting many types of funding.

That is absolutely NOT the case these days.  You need to know that funding is more expensive than ever, but it is available.  You just need to know where and how to look for it.

The higher cost of capital also means you want to be certain that you plan your financing carefully.  Make sure you will have a good chance of meeting the repayment terms before signing on the bottom line.

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